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A new season means new fashion trends are right around the corner. All people, from those who are fashion-forward to those who have their own individual style, want to wear clothes that make them feel confident. For many of those, that can include following the latest fashion trends with their wardrobe choices. Keep reading to learn about the latest spring fashion trends or see here for more styles.

Neutral Tones

Many designers have showcased neutral tones, especially when they are head-to-toe for a monochrome look. Pair multiple layers together with the same or similar neutral shades. One benefit of a neutral trend is that classic pieces will have a long useable life.

Crochet Mesh and Nets

The crochet mesh look is hot in both accessories and clothing items. Mesh handbags, shoes, coverups, and overlays are the rage on runways around the world. Not only are mesh designs showing up with knotted rope or fabric, but designers are also showing mesh patterns using metal mesh for an exciting twist on the trend.

Classic Patterns

Paisley and polka dot patterns are back on the scene, but instead of showing up on scarves and accessories, they are included in any items of clothing, including dresses, tops, and pants. Polka dots, particularly with black and white patterns, are on the scene from head to toe.

Tie-Dye and Florals

Tie-dye emerged as a fashion trend last summer and is still a trend for spring. Designers are even pairing a tie-dye print with florals both within the same pattern and by layering the two. Designs are seen in dresses and tops.

Sunset Shades

Last summer introduced the trend of rust, terra cotta, and burnt orange shades into fashion. Designers included those colors individually as well as paired together for a head-to-toe sunset look.


Spring signals warmer weather and fashion typically follows by showing more skin, and both stretch and board short styles were seen on catwalks all over Fashion Week. Shorts were seen with typical spring and summer tops but also paired with a blazer for a more professional look.

Style Choices

As with all seasons, fashions come and go. The best way to maintain a fashionable life but also live by a budget is to invest in those classic pieces that will work year after year and to pair them with layers and accessories that match the current fashion trends.

July 31, 2019 / nikeoutletstores