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My neighbor apologized to me not long ago because she had a bird control company come out and help her with her pigeon problem. The reason she apologized to me was because some of them decided if they could not take up residence where she was at, then they would come to where I live. It makes sense since I am just next door. There are only a few acres that separate us, so I was their next obvious choice. I completely understood her reasoning for wanting to get rid of the pigeons on her property, so I asked her what she did to take care of it.

She gave me the number of the company that she used. She told me that they had put spikes on her roof so there was no place for the birds to land. I thought that would look rather unsightly, but she laughed and explained that they are not very noticeable at all. She invited me over to look at them before they sent someone to my house to do an inspection of it, and I am glad she did. I had a very hard time even seeing them, and that was when I was actively looking at them!

I only noticed a small increase in the pigeons around my house, but I still did not hesitate to contact the people she had used. I knew that a few more now meant a lot more later. I had read enough about pigeons to know that they multiply quite rapidly since they don’t take a break from it throughout the year. A dozen extra now could easily mean a hundred extra in the near future. I had the same spikes put on my house, and now the pigeons will just need to find another place to live.

August 7, 2020 / nikeoutletstores