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A friend told me that she had just gotten her number plates from an online website. Since mine are due soon, I asked her for the website so I could see if it would be better for me to get my own this way too. She told me to go to and assured me yet again that she had no troubles at all when she went to make them herself. I really liked the idea of being in complete control of ordering my plates. When I went to the website and looked around, I saw that it was exactly as she had stated it would be.

I took a look around the site, even though it looked to be as simple as she had said it would be. I just wanted to make sure that I was not leaving any steps out. After reading everything and watching a video, which only took a couple of minutes, I was ready to start creating my own plates. I had to put in my registration number, and then I was able to start designing it the way I wanted it to be designed.

Some of the questions were no brainers, like the type of vehicle it is and the type of plate that is desired. There are other choices though that allowed me to be flexible with my choices. I was able to design it with the font that I wanted, the border I wanted, and the color I wanted. I was even able to put a badge design on it, which is really cool. The cost was very cheap, and it was delivered quickly to my front door. My husband was amazed when he found out that I took care of the plates on my own since this is something that he usually does!

September 3, 2019 / nikeoutletstores