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I spent most of the morning on video conferences with a bunch of different people from work, my boss looked a real mess and her kids were in full rampage mode the whole time. I felt bad for her, but I was really happy that it was not me. At some point they stuck me with the task of figuring out how to buy Reddit upvotes, although they have yet to explain to me why I needed to do this. At first I thought that it was a dumb idea, which it is and that it would be really hard to do. The second part is not true, although I did not tell them that. I figured out how to do it in no time, but I can not tell if it is a good deal or if it is really effective. Of course I am not all that concerned about it being effective or not, they did not really involve me in this and I am just as happy to be out of the loop.

I have really been adjusting rather well to the new way of life. I get up at the normal time and some days I shower, but it is not really so big of a deal with no females around to impress. Without the commute and other distractions I have been able to finish up everything that I need to do around lunch time. When the weather is good I have been going out to jog and such. I know the guy who has the key to the YMCA and he let me swim some laps on Wednesday. Of course he was bored to death and tried to talk me into playing a game of one on one basketball. I asked him if he had a fever and walked away.

April 21, 2020 / nikeoutletstores