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My friends were worried that I was going to become a Bridezilla when I started making my wedding plans. They were surprised that it never happened, but I can hardly blame them for their cynicism. I do like things to be as perfect as they possibly can, and having the wedding of my dreams was no exception to that. That is why I was careful on who I chose to be involved with my wedding. The caterer and cake baker came highly recommended as did the on demand airbrush makeup and hair stylists. The band was top notch, and the venue location could not have been more perfect.

I really did not have much to do with any of the vendors after picking out what I wanted along with my fiance. The one I was most concerned with was the hair stylist who would also be doing the makeup for not only me but the entire bridal party as well as my mom and grandma. The company came highly recommended, but I wanted to get a so called test drive done first. I did not want to have my first experience with them on my actual wedding day.

I decided to treat myself, my best friend who was also my maid of honor, and my mom and grandma to a trial run of the hair and makeup stylist. I scheduled her to come to my house at the same time she would be arriving on my wedding day, but about three weeks prior to the big day. She was such a pleasure, and we all felt comfortable right away. I showed her a picture of how I wanted my hair done, and I gave her free reign on the makeup since we could change that easily enough if I did not like it. Her work was simply amazing. She made me beautiful, and the other ladies looked just as good. It’s hard to be a Bridezilla when you have such quality people on your team!

April 8, 2020 / nikeoutletstores