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Of course I was not really in a position to pick and choose at the time and I was happy just to find a place to stay before I ended up sleeping on the streets. To be honest I could have likely found a couch to crash on, but that is not something I would like. At any rate the guy I am staying with is a gambler, not just like playing around on betting web sites or playing the lottery. He gambles for a living and half of the time he does not show up. He has a bird, it is a very valuable one and it seems to absolutely love company. Since I move it the thing has learned my name and it seems to repeat it over and over when it wants me to hang out with it. I think that it is a she, which would be better for me since it always calls me sweetie or honey or other things like that.

At any rate the rent is incredibly reasonable. I am paying a whole lot less than what I had been paying. I have to do stuff, none of which amounts to much. However some of it is rather silly to be honest. At any rate the bird and I hang out when the landlord is out of town. When I come home from school it is immensely excited about it and I let it sit on my shoulder, although I use a piece of leather because it has really enormous claws. I am quite sure that it could really hurt a person with the claws and the bill that it has. I have seen it go into nuts rather easily. The place is quite large and I have mostly had it to myself since I showed up.

November 15, 2019 / nikeoutletstores