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People with questions regarding jewelry were able to walk into the jewelry store in town and get answers. Professional jewelers had knowledge, patience, and recommendations for any occasion and budget. Most towns no longer have jewelry stores only jewelry departments in big chain department stores. Staff there can change watch batteries, show customers items from the locked display cases, and ring up purchases. They are not professional jewelers.


Most people now simply do a search online and find the answers they seek. That process may take some time because results today for searches are primarily websites that sell products instead of sites that provide information regarding products. Keywords such as “differences in diamonds” now yield more ways to buy diamonds than identify any differences. Placing a specific question in a search box is more likely to yield random answers from users that factual answers from experts.

An easier way to learn more about jewelry online is to find the website of a jewelry designer. Connecting directly with someone who designs and makes jewelry provides an avenue to ask questions and get professional answers based on experience and education. This can be accomplished via email, communicating on social media pages, live chat, or a video call. In addition to learning about gemstones, differences in the strengths of gold and silver, and which clasp to choose, designers can also give people an idea of the latest trends for the upcoming season.

First Look at New Arrivals

Designers who maintain websites will introduce new styles, creative pieces, and fashion trends as soon as a collection is finished. There is no waiting until a mega-website decides to feature that designer. Some large sites that sell everything from beds to peanut butter may not even feature new designers. Customers can browse new designer websites and decide for themselves what is trendy, innovative, and stunning.

The direct pricing is typically lower on individual websites because there are no middle man mark-ups. Those who wish to own one-of-a-kind pieces can work with some designers to have custom pieces created. Not all designers offer custom work, but those that do can assist with selecting materials, shapes, and design elements that will fit most budgets.

July 16, 2019 / nikeoutletstores