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When my daughter and her husband decided to move closer to me, I was very excited. I knew that they would be happier in this neighborhood. They found a great house at a price much lower than we expected. I told them I would help fix the minor things up so they could focus on packing up and moving. The first thing I did was an online search for a company that does heating repair near me. It was already the middle of October, and I did not want them to have any surprises when the weather turned cooler in a few weeks of them moving in.

The previous owner was honest and admitted that the heating system had not had any service or inspections for as long as she could remember. Everything seemed to work fine, but I did not want my daughter and her family dealing with unexpected issues. I figured since we still had not experienced Indian Summer, that the heating company that I hired could inspect the air conditioner as well as the furnace. It did not take me long to find a company that could come out the week before they were to move in.

The service man who came out was very nice and extremely knowledgeable. He said that the furnace was very old but could last through the season. The air conditioning system was fairly new, and he saw no problems with it. He gave me some options for the furnace, and I decided to just go ahead and surprise them with a new one. I can afford it, and I knew they would both appreciate it. Knowing that they would have a safe and efficient heating system when they moved in was worth it to me. The furnace was installed before they arrived, and they should have no heating issues with it for the foreseeable future.

January 22, 2024 / nikeoutletstores